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Operation: BOOM

Those who hold the power, control the world. In the near future, the world’s military has been replaced by advanced drones set to minimise the casualties of constant war between nations. The Dominion created the all-powerful Arkurus drive, capable of controlling and coordinating such a worldwide force and stored it in a top security secret facility. Using a highly skilled operative ‘Stick’ the international terrorist, known as ‘The Gentleman’ secured the device and now holds the cards in a game for power. His goal? To sell the dominions military forces to the highest bidder.

Unable to retaliate and having exhausted all options the council elect to hire an infamous band of Mercenaries who specialise in the impossible. Led by the calculating and reckless Captain the team embark on a mission to restore the balance of world military power. However, there is more to the mission than meets the eyes as for some this is a means of vindication and retribution.

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