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Masters - Volume 1 (Digital edition)

Masters - Volume 1 (Digital edition)

SKU: R0309

Survive. Win. Unleash the Master within.


Have you ever been out of your depth? After graduating from cooking school, Renley Masters has his life ahead of him until a tragic loss sends him into a downward spiral. Now he lives a hollow existence as a simple fry cook at a fast food restaurant. During what seems like just another meaningless day of work, the kitchen becomes a battleground for two key players in a cosmic battle. Unexpectedly, Renley gains the power of a thousand year-old swordsman and the responsibility of guarding an otherworldly being. As he struggles to come to terms with his new life path, Renley must fight off enemy combatants and learn to use his newfound abilities - all whilst evading the law. Before long, he is faced with challenges that will test him far beyond the stresses of even the worst kitchen nightmare. Can he handle the heat?


'Masters - Volume 1' is the latest graphic novel from Reckless Hero.


148 pages, full colour.

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